Enigma August AMA

To celebrate our testnet launch, the Enigma team will be holding its first developer-focused AMA Tuesday, August 14th! Our whole development team will be answering the most “liked” questions submitted in this subforum. (Don’t reply directly to this post - just submit your questions in the Enigma August AMA subforum.) If you like a question, give it a heart! <3

FAQ / Education

General FAQs and educational resources relevant to secret contracts or the Enigma protocol.

Enigma Protocol

Technical discussion of the Enigma Protocol design and roadmap.

Developer Help

Running into trouble setting up the testnet?
This category is for technical questions and support for developers working with the Enigma Protocol.

Enigma Nodes

Setting up, running and maintaining an Enigma node, hardware requirements, et cetera.
Note: expect more details about this topic after our initial testnet is launched.

Secret Contracts and dApps

Secret contract design, decentralized applications, and implementation.

Private Computation

Technical discussion of all methods for computing over private data (trusted execution environments, multiparty computation, etc).

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.