Enigma August AMA

Developer AMA: Submit your questions here! (2)
Decentralized TEE(SGX) network? (2)
Public ethereum testnet? (3)
Off-Chain Verifiable Computation on Enigma (1)
Multiple Questions (3)
Enigma Technology Benefits (3)
How is testnet going? (2)
Can we expect a new Roadmap? (3)
How might the SEC rulling ENG tokens to be securities effect Enigma's business model? (5)
Progress on sMPC (2)
Will Enigma support shielded transactions on its blockchain via ZkSnarks or ZkStarks? (2)
What will the TPS or transaction speed be like for Enigma? (2)
Does Enigma TEE offer any advantage or difference from Microsoft Coco Framework? (2)
How many devs do you plan to hire by 2020? (2)
Is Enigma trying to get launch partners for Mainnet launch, and if so what types of projects? (2)
Masternode Economics (2)
What projects/secret dapps is the Enigma team personally excited to see come to fruition? (3)
What criteria would each team member use to label a successful mainnet launch? (2)
When will non ERC20 coins be able to implement the Enigma protocol? (2)
Could security vulnerabilities in Intel hardware compromise Enigma data? (2)
What are some examples of simple dAPP functionalities not possible without secret contracts? (4)
Will SputnikVM support other EVM languages besides Solidity? (2)
dApps developed by 2020 (1)
Will Enigma be the first Proof of Thanks blockchain? (1)
How to submit large inputs (1)
Masternode and other questions for mainnet (1)
Enigma Incentives (1)
Can you explain the difference between Enigma and Iexec use of SGX? (1)
Are you satisfied with the current number of programmers? (1)
What is the range of estimated ENG that a node will require in stake? (1)