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This forum is for discussion of the recently launched mainnet Enigma blockchain.

Following an extended period of successful testnet trials, the first Enigma mainnet has been successfully launched , supported and operated by over 20 independent validators from the Enigma ecosystem and community.

The mainnet is a proof-of-stake-based blockchain based on Cosmos SDK/Tendermint. It is secured by a new native coin, Secret (SCRT), which is used for staking and transaction fees within the network. This new chain serves as the consensus layer for the Enigma network, replacing Ethereum. Successful testnet validators are now operating as the initial validators for the Enigma mainnet. Over 20 participating validators representing 10+ time zones jointly agreed on the genesis block of the Enigma blockchain, which was signed on Thursday, February 13th.

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Using this forum category, all are welcome to share ideas and questions about the Enigma network, future development, secret contract integration, and more!

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Here’s the current proposal by the development team to integrate secret contracts to Enigma chain. Secret Contracts on Enigma Chain