Announcing EGG grants!


We’re happy to announce Enigma Growth Grants are now open for applications.

Enigma-suggest proposals include:

Blockchain Explorer

This grant is for the construction of a blockchain explorer for the Enigma network. This explorer should allow users to see the status of computations and deployed contracts, as well as observe the network status. This is a critical component for developers and users alike.

UI Client

This grant is for a UI client that will provide a straightforward interface to the Enigma.js library. The client will also perform important tasks such as viewing registered workers and verifying their attestations. This client will serve both users and worker nodes, enabling the deployment of secret contracts and management of secret nodes.

Alternatively-- we’d also love to hear proposals for things we haven’t thought of. >

Propose your own EGG

If you’d like to propose your own Enigma Growth Grant instead of or in addition to the grants outlined above, we will need some additional information about what you’d like to build. Feel free to mention any previous work you’ve done or successes you’ve seen elsewhere in the space.

Fill out our EGG Submission form and we’ll be in touch.


Hi all! Thanks for the incredible amount of interest so far. Applications remain open: fill out our EGG Submission Form and read through our announcement post.


These two are interesting ideas for economic abstraction, both from ETH-Singapore