April Development update


Our latest update details our progress over the last month, as well as a peek at some of our github statistics. Numbers aren’t the whole story, but we’re excited about our momentum and looking forward to the release.

Highlights include:

  • Implemented charging gas for writing into the state, contract deployment and contract execution. (These gas costs are preliminary implementations and will be progressively adjusted through further testing.)
  • Development of sample secret contracts including a secret voting demothat includes Ethereum callbacks to other regular smart contracts at the end of the execution of a secret contract. A step-by-step walkthrough this example is currently in the works — stay tuned!
  • Adjusting the workerSelection algorithm across the networking and contract packages.
  • Constant flow of building and pushing of the enclave’s core codebase into Docker’s image repository, and an updated release of the network library package to npm while staying on top of dependencies and vulnerabilities.


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