Block explorer for Enigma Blockchain

We have forked Cosmos’ Big Dipper explorer, and customized it for our network.

For the time being it lives here:
Our repo is here:

It had been live since the day we launched the network, and have recently fixed some small issues, so it seems to be running fine. If you find anything wrong, you are most welcome to open an issue, or even better, submit a fix! :pray:

Anyone can now clone it and run their own version.


@victor Shouldn’t that be (rather than enigmaco)? :slightly_smiling_face:

Amazing @victor!

There’s also a community-operated explorer live (thanks @Cashmaney):

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I playing with Big Dipper and a full node, just started an explorer -> Looks good but the proposals page missing one item… Any tips what happennig? (the dipper currently syncing with my lcd so maybe I just impatient…)

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It was deleted because it didn’t reach the minimum deposit amount needed to enter voting period

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