Launches Quicksync!

Hi all!

As alot of you may have noticed, when spinning up a fullnode it can take around 3-4hours to completely sync the chain.

Chain of Secrets team has taken on the task to help the community out with offering a Quicksync service, the latest quicksync is available at

We will publish compressed & complete sync’s at different block intervals. The current quicksync is 6.7GB which we have compressed to 3.9GB.

Here are the steps to use it when setting up a new fullnode
This will save you 3-4hours of wait time

Install lz4

sudo apt-get update -y

sudo apt-get install wget liblz4-tool -y

Download & Decompress Quicksync Data after installing Enigmad & Enigmacli

cd ~/.enigmad/


lz4 -d enigma-1-block569000.tar.lz4 | tar xf -

Please note, that you may have a short time to catchup to latest block, but this will be minutes not hours.

If you like our contributions, please support us and join our telegram! Come say hi!


Beautiful initiative!

Just an update. New quicksync file for block height 649,000


Another update. Latest QuickSync is for block height 700,000.

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