Community Introductions Thread! (Ongoing)

Hi all! Welcome to the Enigma Developers Forum :slight_smile:

This thread is for introductions, whether you’re just joining the community or have been active for a while. Feel free to be personal or extremely vague - either way, we’re glad you’re here and participating!

My name is Tor - I’m the Head of Growth and Marketing for Enigma, primarily based in Chicago, USA. I’m a musician and writer, I like solving problems with data and design, and I still play Ultimate Frisbee whenever the weather allows. I host Enigma’s podcast, Decentralize This! I also have two majestic cats.

I’m always thinking about the best ways to expand our project and community, so don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any suggestions or thoughts :slight_smile:


Hi @tor! I’m Ainsley Sutherland, and I work on the product team here at Enigma.
I’m normally based in SF, and happy to get a coffee & talk crypto if you’re also there or just passing through.

I care a lot about usability and accessibility in decentralized applications, and I think p2p, user-owned technology is going to be transformative. My background is in economics, AI, and emerging technologies.

some ~ fun facts…~
I have the highest reddit karma of our team (that we know of). This is not really something I’m proud of. :grimacing:
I don’t have any cats (I think Tor has enough cats for the whole team). :cat2:
Before Enigma, I started a VR company enabling multi-user 3d audio-annotations in a virtual environment, that now works on accessibility tech :studio_microphone:


I’m Laura, and I’m an Enigma Collective member and really excited to get more involved with the dev community and the Enigma project.

I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan, not far from Canada or Chicago. Occasionally I’m over on the east coast in the Washington, DC area to see friends and relatives.

I love doing abstract artwork and programming. Any opportunity I can get to be by the water is a wonderful day :smiley:.

I’m passionate about blockchain and how it’s going to transform our lives in ways I don’t fully understand yet. In June I graduated with a Blockchain Developer Nanodegree from Udacity. My background is 20+ years of software experience with roles in architecture, design, code, integration, and test.


Hi! I’m Steve, from London, UK. I’m not a developer, just an interested hodler of the ENG token, looking forward to seeing where this wave of decentralised web technology takes us. I’m a writer by trade; over the years I’ve written about everything from TV to technology to travel to trends!


And I’m Taariq from Cape Town South Africa.
Like Laura I’m an Enigma Collective member who loves to be by the water.
Also have 20 years software experience, coding Java, python, javascript and solidity. I’m currently enjoying learning Rust too.

I don’t have majestic cats, but here’s some majestic fish.


Wow @taariq! That would be a great pic for your Collective profile!


Hello wonderful people!

My name is Franklin and I recently joined the Enigma Collective :sunny:
This is so amazing opportunity because I get to learn on so many things and grow on so many levels as a person.

A friend of mine, whom I look up to as he gets so much crazy stuff done and goes to all parts of the world having crazy experiences, answered my question on how he managed all that with: " Be in a supportive environment, if your not find one and if you cannot find one build one". Such a golden advice in my opinion. The reason why I am sharing this is because that is what the Enigma Collective symbolizes for me, a super supportive environment. Really encourages to think big and go out there and get things done when your part of a group that is so talented and simply awesome.

Alongside being part of the Enigma journey I am an AI undergraduate living in Amsterdam and I hobby organize a mutual improvement group that is one of the catalysts for small and fun projects in my personal life. Also I love Music, food and nature.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if I can help you with something or if your passing through Amsterdam, or living in Amsterdam, and want to meet for a coffee to talk Enigma !