dApp idea share thread


Someone in the telegram chat had an idea to create a place where anyone could propose dApp ideas for interested devs to jump on and create. Here’s a thread where we can brainstorm ideas. I’ll go first:

A secret contract acting as wills that execute automatically and distribute someone’s crypto holdings to their family in case they pass away or are unable to access their crypto. Certainly lots of BTC are locked forever on the blockchain from people who passed away. If we had a secret contract to read a database of death certificates, or had some other type of dead-man-switch, it could ensure that crypto holdings aren’t lost forever if someone passes away or otherwise incapacitated. Rather than be stuck forever on a blockchain they can instead distributed to someone they trust.

It would need to be a secret contract to protect the people included in the contract.

Any other ideas for useful dApps?


@Zed great idea! Regarding the will / dead man switch, you can create a secret contract that checks whether a TX occurred in a given time frame (1 years of blocks) and move the funds to an address if there’s no TXs or whatever defined rules. Would be much easier to go to death certificates and do identity checks on ppl :slight_smile:


Someone here mentioned that they were interested in starting a genomics company around Enigma. Since genetic information will be something an individual would want to keep out of the hands of insurance companies and employers, I could imagine a secret contract that identifies important genetic markers for disease and preexisting conditions, but allows the user to keep their information encrypted so that they are able to control who accesses it.


agreed, the problem is data owner (actual patient) and data collector (companies like 23&me) are different stakeholders with different incentives. This divergence in incentives makes this idea very hard from a bizdev perspective


I think it would be cool if someone gamified a staking pool. Let’s say a gaming company ran a staking pool. The capital would come from someone paying a one time subscription of 20 dollars. Anyone who plays the game allows their computer to act as a worker in the background. If you win some in-game prize (like a chest of gold in WoW), it can be translated back into real money. The better you are at the game, the larger a percentage of node incentives you win. Maybe this game would allow people to level up. But once your character withdraws any money, they go back to level 1.

Might be fun.