Data input size limit increase (> 1MB)

In the documentation it is noted that the input size of 1MB will be increased soon. Can you be more specific about this; i.e will it be before the networked testnet?

Is a secret contract also limited to 1MB? Or: is it possible to include an external crate with more than 1MB?

Hi @sepia,

The 1MB input size won’t be increased before mainnet. The team may pursue optimization on that number afterward.

Yes, the secret contract size is also limited to 1MB.

No, it’s not possible to include a crate that’s larger than 1MB.

I hope that helps!

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Yes, that helps. Thanks @Laura

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I want to use an extern crate in my SC (~200kb) which has dependencies around 2MB of which some are used in the Enigma protocol (e.g. libc, failure).

Is it possible to use Enigma-core dependencies inside the contract?

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Hey @sepia,

As long as the compiled secret contract wasm is <= 1MB you should be good.

Could you share your Cargo.toml and the part of your secret contract where you’re importing the crates?


Thank you @Laura

I will share the files asap. I have to solve some other issues first.

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Okay, no rush @sepia!

Also, I found this in the Rust and Web Assembly docs – for optimizing a .wasm build:

how to optimize your .wasm build for a small code size footprint, and how to identify opportunities to change your Rust source such that less .wasm code is emitted

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Hey @sepia, just checking in with you to see if you still need help on this, or did I answer your questions? If you still want to post your Cargo.toml and secret contract, feel free! I’m interested in seeing what you’re trying to include in your SC :smiley: .