Decentralized web?


Hello all,
So for anyone following my education, I discovered that it is prohibitively expensive to store information on the Ethereum blockchain. I’m still looking for a way to store data and to provide access to dApps in a decentralized way.

I think I found something cool re storing information off chain. storj appears to be decentralized encrypted storage and it looks less expensive than some other options.

This is kind of cool because I could make a dApp that allows people to share information with the world without oversight from governments or outside political narratives. Imagine if the people of North Korea, Syria, Cuba, or Venezuela could tell their stories without censorship by their governments or the spin applied by outside media. Power to the people. :slight_smile:

So that leaves the question of how to get broad and easy access to my dApp even from countries where internet access is restricted. Maybe Amazon has the answer:
And that would work for a worldwide free speech dApp but not so much for my other idea. More on that later.


P.S. I accidentally overwrote the original rambling post with this one. I can’t figure how to get it back so you’re welcome.