Developer AMA: Submit your questions here!


To celebrate our testnet launch, the Enigma team will be holding its first developer-focused AMA Tuesday, August 14th! Our whole development team will be answering the most “liked” questions submitted in this subforum. (Don’t reply directly to this post - just submit your questions in the Enigma August AMA subforum.) If you like a question, give it a heart! <3

We’d love to field your questions about our project, our technology, our vision, our team, and more!

There’s only a few rules:

  1. Please do not ask any questions related to exchanges or token price.

  2. Please do not use a threatening or harassing tone.

  3. Please do not re-ask questions - read other submissions before you submit.

The Enigma team will answer the most upvoted questions starting on Tuesday, August 14th, at 7AM Pacific Time.

Thank you for your participation!