Discovery Developer Testnet

Thanks to everyone who helped us troubleshoot the beta – we’re now publicly releasing our developer testnet!

Discovery has a few key exciting features I’ll point out

  • secret contracts are stateful
  • secret contracts are logically separate from smart contracts, but can make callbacks to arbitrary ethereum functions
  • private outputs: now you can return data to users or to Ethereum contracts that is encrypted
  • peer 2 peer and storage layers: these are now running completely on the Enigma network, offloading the computation and storage from Ethereum

This developer release adds:

  • a CLI interface that makes setting up the network vastly simpler
  • extensive tutorials on Rust, Secret Contracts, and Enigma
  • a growing documentation site

Look out for additional updates in coming weeks. We’re thrilled to be moving forward & bringing data privacy to decentralized applications.


Congratulations. I’m excited to play around with this


Let us know what you are building and how we can help you.

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In my case, I met an error that “Permission denied”

Solved by changing into this command (ubuntu)

$sudo npm install -g @enigmampc/discovery-cli --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root

Hi @UDON, while this is a valid solution to the problem you encountered, it also hints at a possibly misconfigured Node install on your system, where you should be able to install global packages without sudo. This post for example suggests some alternatives.