Does Enigma TEE offer any advantage or difference from Microsoft Coco Framework?


Microsoft Coco framework is a TEE for off-chain blockchain computations.

Isn’t that essentially the same as Enigma? What difference or advantage does Enigma have over it?


This isn’t about Microsoft in particular, but rather big companies in general - I’m often skeptic of large enterprises’ ability to innovate in meaningful ways. Through my own experience, as well as through common knowledge, it’s clear that that truly innovative protocols and products are often built in small, unstructured teams. I don’t believe that something as innovative as Blockchain can emerge directly from large, centralized entities. That said, I do find large corporations that maintain an open mind crucial for helping with adoption.

As to Coco specifically, like all other permissioned solutions it is tailored to ad-hoc enterprise deployments. This, to me, is the greatest ailment of the ‘enterprise DLT’ space, since for every possible consortium, a separate deployment is needed. This simply doesn’t scale. People want solutions that just work – and large organizations are no different. A public network is a a plug-and-play solution - and there’s no need for a separate deployment for each set of parties.

This is where Enigma differs the most (in addition to other technical areas). There will generally be one, permissionless and public network that everyone could connect to and use.