Enigma as the Privacy Layer for the Decentralized Web


What do you see Enigma in 2, 5 and 10 years?
After mainnet is live, what is your plan to achieve mass adoption outside the blockchain space, making Enigma the privacy layer for the decentralized web?

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Great question! In an industry that changes as rapidly and unpredictably as the blockchain/decentralization space, making a hard and fast plan is really challenging - and possibly the wrong approach. Anyone who tells you exactly where things will be for any given project in two year’s time is mostly guessing.

That said, we’ve done a lot of work to put ourselves on the right trajectory in both the short term (next year) and the long term (10+ years). For example:

  1. We’ve responsibly managed our funding (no lambos, no frivolous sponsorships).
  2. We’ve focused on building for usability so that we can drive adoption.
  3. We’ve thought hard about how to launch a network with sustainable economics but attractive short-term incentives.
  4. We’ve integrated with Ethereum to take advantage of the largest developer community in the blockchain space.
  5. We’ve taken time to test, test, test.
  6. We’ve built something unique - to create meaningful value, you have to create something meaningfully different (and useful!)

Enigma sits at the intersection of two very powerful movements: the movement towards decentralization and the movement towards greater privacy. Our technology provides a solution for people looking to build decentralized applications that scale while preserving data privacy - an ideal fit. Depending on how quickly these movements occur and impact the broader technology sector, Enigma’s trajectory will change. But these movements are already happening and, like dApps, are unstoppable. The greater their global impact, the greater our opportunity. Enigma will be a large part of these movements - growing a massive pie of value in the long run that we believe we’re well-positioned to share.