Enigma running own nodes


It’s been stated by the team that if the team had to run nodes, those nodes would not get rewards. Can we get more specifics on how that would work? For example: if Enigma-run nodes did half of the work during Discovery, what would happen to the 375,000 ENG they would have earned?


The claim that Enigma will not get reward if the company decides to run nodes is not true. However there will be a cap on how much Enigma can stake. We want to ensure decentralization and we would never power half of the network.


Under what circumstances would Enigma run a genesis node?
As of right now is Enigma planning on running a genesis node?
Is there a hard number on what the self-imposed cap would be?

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How many Genesis nodes does Enigma plan to run?

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From GB on Telegram: “What do they plan on doing with their share of the node rewards?”


Why would Enigma choose to earn their own rewards that they’ve “set aside” for the network? If the team is setting a cap why not just set aside those tokens for the team to begin with?


Enigma will not power more than 1/5 of the network. This is not in terms of number of nodes but in terms of staking amount


Will there be a way to verify that Enigma has no more than 20% of staked network amount at any moment? Are you going to decrease your share over the time?

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