Enigma Technology Benefits


Why the world need Enigma’ Solutions? What are the benefits to use Enigma Technology?


Our Solutions Series focuses on practical, near-term applications for Enigma’s protocol: https://blog.enigma.co/solutions

In the long run, Enigma is looking to create an ecosystem of decentralized projects and applications enabled by our privacy protocol. Blockchains are severely limited by their inability to use private or sensitive data. By working with our partners to solve this critical limitation, Enigma hopes to turn decentralized applications from novelties into necessities. https://blog.enigma.co/enigmas-ambition-our-latest-roadmap-8d50107ad314

Some of the industries we’re interested in revolutionizing can be found here: https://blog.enigma.co/why-enigmas-privacy-protocol-will-power-our-decentralized-future-aedb8c9ee2f6


Dear Tor,

Thanks for reply. I’m super excited about. Specially in the vision and your team.