How to run a node for dummies


Can you provide a manual for dummies to run a node in the cloud on

I realy like to help by running a node. But dont have the technical skills.


My understanding is that the team is working hard on this for the big day. However, it will still probably be a little technical as it requires Linux and the installation of lots of things via the command line interface. I know one respected organization is setting up to host nodes for people who have sufficient stake. (you keep your keys…they do the tech) Message me if you would like to hear from them.


Can you share the name of the Organisation?


Niels there will be documentation, and will hopefully be working on supplemental information for the community as well.

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The short answer is - there will be extensive documentation and guides for people looking to run nodes. We don’t want there to be a technical barrier to participation. Beyond the support of our core team, we also expect that members of the community will provide guidance, best practices, and technical support.

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