How to tell if Discovery has launched successfully

It looks like my launch is good, with messages from:

km_1 - blocks/epoch
contract_1 - eth_blockNumber
p2p_1 - waiting for core_1 …

I don’t see anything from core_1 at this point, should I?


km_1 and contract_1 messages look good, and that’s your steady state, but p2p_1 saying that it’s waiting for core means that something went wrong with core, as it is one of the first components to start. Scroll up almost to the very beginning and look for an error message from core, and report back :slight_smile:

A ha! The error is:

aesm_service: [ADMIN] Platform services initialization failed due to DAL error

The infamous DAL error. Are you sure you followed the recipe correctly and completed the correct TARKA steps?

In all seriousness, it may be related to the SGX, and I think there’s some info on the Intel forums you might find useful, but imagine one of the Enigma devs here will help you out.

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Hi Jim,

Yeah, it looks like SGX though I’ve set the mode to SW for simulation. :thinking:

Thanks for the DAL humor!

@laura, that is not the error I’m looking for. You can safely ignore that error (which is normal). There should be another a couple of lines below…

here you go @victor:

./start_core.bash: line 5: ./target/debug/enigma-core-app: No such file or directory

correct! that’s the relevant error. That means that core is missing its binary, and thus will not start (the container is up, but it’s doing nothing because it cannot run the code it’s supposed to be running). This binary is compiled at build time, so rebuild core and look for errors:
docker-compose build --no-cache --pull core
Some context and additional context on rebuilding images can be found here:

Got it. I tried the docker-compose build --no-cache --pull core but I was still getting that error from launch.bash.

I hadn’t gotten through the entire README yet so I decided to do the next part:
docker-compose exec core /bin/bash
and from within the enigma-core container did a clean build with the DEBUG flag:
root@core:~# cd enigma-core/enigma-core
root@core:~/enigma-core/enigma-core# make full-clean
root@core:~/enigma-core/enigma-core# SGX_MODE=SW make DEBUG=1

Then I ran the launch.bash again and everything worked great :smiley:

Thanks for your help @victor!

Ah yes, if you are mounting the core volume, you need to get into the container and rebuild it there, as you did above. Glad to have you up and running now, @laura! :clap:

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