Media communication


Besides building Discovery, are you also working on Corporate communication? Realy want to hear your plans!

From 2019: year of enigma:
As Discovery launches in 2019, we plan to be much more active in terms of media appearances, press outreach, and building public awareness of data privacy challenges and decentralized solutions.


Media coverage is important, but as that post you quoted mentioned, we’re waiting for the launch of Discovery and the start of the Genesis Game to push hard publicly - otherwise developers first hearing about Enigma will not be able to build, node runners won’t be able to participate, etc. Patience is hard but essential.

The problems we’re solving don’t go away just because someone else writes about it - they only get solved if we build the technology, network, and ecosystem. Given our current support, we can still feel very confident about the launch of our protocol, and simultaneously see the huge potential for growth. That’s where we want to be :slight_smile:

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