Multiple Questions

  • In the Enigma official video AMA, Guy said there will be staking pools but not in the first release. In which iteration (voyager/valiant/defiant) will pooling be possible?

  • Is the team working on another enigma dapp besides catalyst and data marketplace?

  • If there is an internet outage when I’m running a node, how much ENG would be slashed? Are there anything I can do to prevent the slashing?


Is the AMA over? I thought most liked questions would be answered.

  • As soon as someone develops it! This isn’t currently a protocol-level mission, but services (potentially for-profit ones) that others can develop on top of Enigma.
  • We’re working/collaborating with others on creating building blocks - Regardless, the vast majority of dApps would come from the community.
  • There’s a lot more information here - Node performance variance. Generally speaking, there will likely be a time-out long enough so this doesn’t become a terrible issue (with the exception of long-lived outages).