Network Analysis Attacks

I have a question regarding Enigma’s network privacy. Will there be network obfuscation to prevent network analysis attacks like correlation attacks? I know ENG will be built on ETH so there is a potential issue for the ETH network analysis

If I create an ENG contract, could an attacker (if they were monitoring my traffic) know that I am involved/created this contract? Is the ENG community or external parties looking to build something to anonymize network traffic.

Any help is appreciated, and if there are peer reviewed/repos to projects to further obfuscate network traffic, feel free to send em over. Thanks!

Hey there,

The contract inputs and the functions called are private. However when one deploys a contract or interacts with a contract, there’s a task record created on Ethereum. This task record is visible, HOWEVER, one cannot see what contract is being deployed, what function is being called and what the inputs are. One can only see that an Ethereum address is interacting with Enigma network.

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