Nuc guide: stuck on bash

I successfully connect to wget
when i enter “bash” I get no such file or directory.

are we sure the file name is

Be sure to copy the full url, you may simply need to scroll to the right to see the rest of it.


Yes. you are correct. thats it. I did not scroll to the right.
I now finished the NUC guide and that is the only thing i got stuck on. Great job moonstash. thanks.

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Glad to hear it worked for you!:dragon::+1:t5:. Can you share what model NUC you’re using?

The NUC I built is:
NUC6i5SYH $180 (used ebay)
4 GB RAM $28 (used ebay)
128 SSD $19 (used ebay)

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Thanks for sharing❤️