Pooling Resources


Hello all.
I am a small fish in the Enigma world with only 50K tokens. I will not be near the top 30 holders in the genesis game and there are roughly 200 of us with at least 25K tokens but not breathing the ratified air of the top 30. That means 10 in a lottery to 200 possible node holders. I don’t like 1 in 20 odds and I believe in the project so I want to run a node.
First I need to know if it’s possible.
Next I need to know how.
Finally I need to know who.

First. Is it possible to pool resources of some of the other holders to make a single big holder wallet.
Second. How would I do that?
Finally. Who might be interested in this? Who can help me figure it out?

To crack the top 30 we would need 10 people willing to sign onto a contract with 50K ENG they are willing to lock up in the staking account. We would just let it sit and accumulate until they open it up to everyone and at that point disburse the ENG + whatever Block rewards and fees are earned.

There must be some sort of smart contract voodoo we could use to make this happen in a way that doesn’t require trusting anyone.

If I could get 10 people interested with 50K ENG to invest, I’d be willing to go buy the hardware to run the node or if someone else already has that part figured out, let me know.

If you’re interested or know how we could accomplish this, Please email me. ENG@ChannelsPlace.com

In the meantime, I’ll go study Smart Contracts to see if that’s the “how”.

Sorry for the overlong, extended, rambling, twice edited post but I’m not daunted by being excluded. I’m seeing it as an challenge. Let’s figure this out. Enigma team is encouraging centralization. Let’s not let them down.



Enigma team will not facilitate pooling. We view tooling to be counter intuitive for true decentralization. We believe pooling introduces further centralization

That said, we will not prevent groups from building contracts on Ethereum to trustlessly pool funds or create a traditional pool (similar to mining pools). We must caution that these methods (either smart contract or trust based) have risks involved and one should understand these risks very well.

For how, take a look at transcoder contract by Livepeer