Proposal to Change Genesis Node Selection Formula




Thanks for your proposal. We welcome an open discussion around our choices and appreciate constructive feedback. It is true that we value uptime more than amount staked as @guy described in the other post.
I ran some very raw calculations to see how your suggestion changes the dynamics of scoring and came to the conclusion that introducing a minimum uptime criteria may actually be a better approach

Let’s go over the following example - (left as is scoring, right scoring you proposed)

Option 1 (as-is): Worker A with 25K ENG and 95% uptime loses to a worker with 50K ENG and 70% uptime. I tend to agree (personal opinion) that there are better ways to ensure network health

Option 2 (your proposal): Same worker A now beats Worker B who has 50K ENG and 80% up time and Worker C who has 100K ENG and 70% uptime

An alternative is to say (making up numbers for now, do not quote me on this being the new selection method), only workers with more than 90% uptime and minimum of 30 days are eligible for scoring in Genesis game… this will mean that Worker A (in as-is scenario) can beat many more workers who have higher stake but perform below the threshold uptime level.

I am happy to consider this idea and get more feedback around this