Public ethereum testnet?


Any plans to deploy to a public ethereum testnet soon? Rinkeby/Ropstein?


While we’ve been considering it, our main focus with the testnet release was for builders to be able to build (a goal which we achieved).

Currently we’re much more focused on adding a lot of new features based on feedback we’ve been receiving. That takes a higher priority.


Normally, once tests are run locally, it’s not much of a challenge to deploy to rinkeby as well, right? Are there any unique challenges posed by deploying to a public testnet that are unique to connecting to Enigma’s node structure? I guess it would be just a matter of hosting a few centralized enigma nodes, right? If there are complications associated with deploying to a public testnet that makes it more challenging than the current state of deploying locally, wouldn’t those challenges be replicated on mainnet as well? In which case, wouldn’t it make sense to run on a public testnet smoothly before deploying to mainnet anyways?

Also, wouldn’t it make sense to deploy to testnet to get feedback from more developers who are happy to write secret contracts, but don’t want to run a node?

Thanks @guy for the response, by the way :slight_smile: you and your team always have very thoughtful answers to my questions!