Recommend Security for Nodes


Any specific system security we should use while running a node?

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Hi @Medgirl87 – thanks for your question!

Could you be a little more specific about what you mean by security? Are you speaking about the security of the node’s computations (correctness & privacy) or about your $ENG staking/node running rewards?

  • the design of the network expects that even a compromised host system will not affect the correctness & privacy guarantees
  • wallet and fund security best practices should be followed as you would with any ethereum account

Happy to elaborate more if these points don’t answer your original question!



Thanks for your reply? I am referring to the security mentioned in this paragraph from a medium post posted by Enigma.

How are genesis nodes selected?

One thing was clear in our design: for the purposes of decentralizing Enigma, genesis nodes must be selected in as fair and permissionless a manner as possible. It is also in the best interest of the network to launch with a group of nodes that have demonstrated an honest commitment to upholding the network (uptime, security, etc). Thus the substantial majority of genesis nodes are being selected solely based on their testnet activity — a period we are referring to as the Genesis Game.




Ah, I see. In this context, “security” refers to network security, rather than the security of individual nodes. So, a network secure against centralization and downtime means we want nodes that are sufficiently decentralized and have reliable uptime.