Pool Staking Information is happy to announce that we’ve started accepting deposits for our pool in the whitelisted node on the Enigma network!

Deposit Address:

The deposit address can be publicly viewed at secretnodes.eth OR 0x178Bbf2DC8c81Ca6111FCbA14451171f5C9D8EAF. Please note that this address WILL NOT CHANGE and can be verified at

Deposit Window:

The deposit window is hereby be open from today until shortly before the launch of mainnet (exact date TBD).

Deposit Instructions:

All deposits are subject to the Terms of Use located at

Important Notes:

  • ONLY Enigma ERC20 tokens shall be sent to this address with the sole purpose of joining our pool

  • You SHALL contribute ONLY from a wallet you are in sole possession of the private keys for and this WILL be the wallet you will receive any allotted rewards from staking (no exceptions).

  • There is a minimum total deposit of 1,500 Enigma for each wallet address wishing to participate.

  • YOU are solely responsible for ensuring your transaction is sent to the right deposit address as we will not be held liable for any mistakes.

We’re happy to have built up trust within this community and to offer an opportunity for those that would otherwise be unable to stake their Enigma to do so through our pool. We wish all who are participating in thre Genesis Games the best of luck, and will be here for those that are not fortunate enough to earn a spot on their own!

NOTE : If you want to confirm any details we can be reached at