Testnet token distribution question


The team said to move the ERC-20 ENG tokens off exchanges so that they can snapshot your total ENG tokens and distribute to you “testnet ENG tokens.” Which I’m not sure what that means…Will everyone who hold ERC-20 ENG tokens be distributed “testnet ENG tokens” regardless if you want to be a node runner or not? And what is the purpose of “testnet ENG tokens?” from a redditor, via Marcel in telegram

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Everyone who holds ENG in a wallet they control, will receive testnet ENG tokens. In order to use a decentralized network you need tokens. If the decentralized network is running on a testnet, you need tokens for that testnet. For example, Eth testnets have testnet ETH or other decentralized applications running on Rinkeby or Ropsten require testnet tokens to interact with applications on the testnet setting. For Enigma, testnet tokens can be used for testnet staking and for testnet execution.


Will testnet token be another ERC-20 token or something else?


A mirror of the ENG ERC20 contract mirrored on Ropsten (most likely).