What projects/secret dapps is the Enigma team personally excited to see come to fruition?


Hello Enigma team! Thanks again for doing this! Got another question for you guys.

Are there any projects or use cases in particular that the team members themselves are excited to see be developed once Enigma is completed? I’m personally really excited by how advertising might be changed.



I would say that I am very excited to see organizations sharing secret data and computations.

For example, take 2 pharmaceutical companies. Company A has a dataset of molecules and test results. Company B is working on some new drug and needs to know if the molecules they want to use have done damage in the past.

They can share the data but:

Company A has a secret dataset it does not want to share all of their data.

On the other hand, Company B does not want to leak the molecules they are testing right now because it’s a secret drug.

In order to save lives and improve medicine, they could collaborate without revealing sensitive information.

  • -A encrypts the dataset and passes it to a secret contract.

  • -B encrypts the inputs (molecules they are exploring).

  • -The Secret-Contract performs the computation and returns the result.


On a more blockchain focused answer, I am very excited to see that private voting has picking up a lot of interest in the space. Governance is a arguably the biggest component of the decentralized future. Receiving very positive feedback from Token Curated Registry ecosystem and seeing our work being discussed in top governance projects such as Aragon is very exciting to us. These efforts usually lead to fruitful collaborations. Auctions is also an interesting component especially with NFTs becoming more and more popular in the ecosystem. These are applications one can build with the Enigma Testnet now! We are in conversation with major projects in these areas and appreciate more suggestions.