What will the TPS or transaction speed be like for Enigma?


What will the transaction speed be for Enigma?

Will it be rate limited by the blockchain it is on or by the size of the computation?

Do you think in the future research will improve the speed of computations on Enigma?


With projects like Enigma, there’s an interesting new notion of ‘effective TPS’, and not just practical TPS. I define effective TPS as the product of actual TPS the chain can handle times how much work each tx encapsulates. For example, when you think of solutions like Plasma, Payment and State Channels, you realize that they don’t require you to hit the chain every time, so every tx actually hides the work of many txs combined.

The same goes for Enigma - as most of the heavy lifting occurs without requiring synchronous chain interaction, you can get much better performance per transaction (e.g., x100 greater throughput is reasonable ball park figure).

In the current iteration - we’re focusing on exactly that. How to get much more per transaction than what you’re getting right now. For future iterations, we’re also working on our own fast blockchain implementation to directly allow for more TPS. These two together lead to much higher effective TPS than is possible today.