Who is Oz Nathan?


Oz Nathan is listed as an author on the Enigma whitepaper.

According to Bitcoin Magazine:

Enigma was created by Oz Nathan, a technology entrepreneur formerly associated with the Counter Terror Unit of the Israeli Defense Forces

He deleted his twitter account [cached link] which showed his location as “?”— His personal web page oznathan.com has been removed, as well as his LinkedIn account: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oz-nathan-76403551. This all seems to have been scrubbed over the last year or two, as I previously was able to access it all live in 2017.

On previous publications his email address is listed as oznathan@gmail.com and affiliation with Tel-Aviv University. The latest version of the Enigma whitepaper on Enigma.co omits this information.

It seems that Oz Nathan, one of the creators of Enigma, has not only left the project but gone to great lengths to eliminate all traces of himself and associations with Enigma.

Why is it that someone who seems to have been so integral to the creation of Enigma, now become so distanced from the project? Why spend such effort on the project only to abandon it so absolutely, and then scrub all links to himself from the internet?

To what scope exactly was Oz Nathan involved in the creation of Enigma? Where can I find more information on him and his current research and endeavors?



It doesn’t matter. He belongs to MIT Media Lab.


Probably been conscripted by Mossad to implement Enigma style stuff for israeli spy network.


Oh it matters. It matters a great deal.

The Israeli Defense Forces intelligence branch is well known for setting up honey pots: providing supposedly secure services as a means of gathering information. One widely known example of this is the case of Safe-Mail.net. Here is a copy paste from a write up from elsewhere on how the Israeli Defense Forces uses supposedly secure services to collect data:

Safe-mail.net is one of several e-mail services that offer to provide secure, encrypted, web-based e-mail service to general public. The idea seems to be that people who would not be willing to take the fairly short amount of time to learn to use PGP encryption would be able to secure their e-mail by trusting a third party, in this case the folks at Safe-mail.net.

We reject that idea on several grounds. First, the company that provides Internet services for hosting the Safe-mail.net system is Barak.net.il, based on our review of the domain registration for Safe-mail.net. Barak.net.il is one of three companies with a license from the Israeli government for providing similar Internet services, according to the English-language version of their web site, as we understand it. Perhaps it is merely a coincidence that Ehud Barak was once head of the Israeli Defense Forces intelligence branch.

Second, the Safe-mail.net system is “an IP trap.” Our anonymous friend indicates that your IP address is linked to your e-mail account. The user agreement indicates that it is a violation of the user agreement to employ an anonymous proxy or otherwise attempt to mask your true IP address. So, while no identifying information (name, address, phone) is requested when you set up an account, your IP address may be traced to your physical location, or at least to your specific Internet Service Provider, even if dynamic IP addresses are used. Thus, your location and possibly your identity would be exposed. Also, IP addresses are not stripped from e-mails you send from your Safe-mail account, so your recipients see this information. (And, of course, you may be tempted to identify yourself to your correspondents within your purportedly encrypted e-mails.)

Third, Safe-mail.net makes the usual disclosure that they may disclose your account activity, stored e-mails, and other information upon court order or law enforcement request. They make the unusual variation of this disclosure by stating that they may disclose these things whenever it is in their interest to do so. This vague contract clause should scare anyone who thinks about it even briefly. Given that Barak.net.il is licensed by the Israeli government, it would seem quite likely that the Israeli government could command that the data from all Safe-mail.net accounts be provided to the government, and it would clearly be in the best interests of Barak.net.il and conceivably, by extension, Safe-mail.net to make such disclosure. Then it would seem to become a question of whether you have reason to trust the Israeli government.

We found no details about the encryption algorithms used to provide for security with Safe-mail.net. An investigation of Israeli law suggests that there is a mandate that encryption have back doors or key escrow for use by Israeli authorities. So, again, it would appear to be a matter of whether you have reason to trust the Israeli government. We don’t have anything against the Israeli government that we don’t also hold against nearly all other governments worldwide.

It is widely known that Israeli security and intelligence services have cooperative relationships with the related services of other countries. For example, if a USA government agency wanted information on someone who happens to use a Safe-mail.net account, it seems logical to suppose that a request (formal or informal) might be made to the Israeli government.

While it is impossible to know whether or not Safe-mail.net accounts are “Mossad-transparent” or a kind of intelligence sting operation run by the Mossad, or others within the Israeli government, what is publicly stated about the system seems to be closely aligned with what one would expect to find in that case. We have no information presently at hand that would tend to disprove the hypothesis that Safe-mail.net is an intelligence sting operation.

Much of the analysis of Safe-Mail.net could apply to Enigma and it’s relationship with the Israeli Defense Forces. In addition to Oz Nathan, other members of Enigma’s team have ties to the Israeli Defense Forces. Elichai Turkel (linkedin), a protocol engineer for Enigma, is currently employed as a cyber crime investigator with the IDF. Is it a coincidence that a cyber crime investigator for the IDF is working on the Enigma protocol? Maybe it is, may it isn’t.

The ties to the IDF are numerous and there is no information that would disprove @Channel’s hypothesis that Enigma has been conscripted by Mossad to provide data for the Israeli spy network.

Oz Nathan’s role as a creator of Enigma and his connections to the IDF matters very much so.


More likely I think that Nathan Oz is helping to secure IDF comms. Enigma can’t have some secret back door because it’s all open source. No conspiracy can survive that kind of sunlight.


The way to backdoor Enigma would be at the hardware level via Intel’s SGX. Many have speculated that the Intel Management Engine is a hardware level backdoor, though this can neither be proven nor dis-proven. So it wouldn’t be a great stretch of the imagination for back doors to exist in SGX. The thing about both the Intel ME and SGX is that any back doors that might exist are completely undetectable. Malicious code running within the SGX enclave is undetectable.

Guy has addressed this concern already, noting that the SGX solution should only be used for less sensitive data and that the MPC solution, though slower, for more sensitive data. The MPC solution could fail if many nodes were compromised and colluded, and the Enigma documentation specifically assumes that many nodes will be compromised.

The protocol is virtually secure, but like most systems it cannot be absolutely secure. Exploits in SGX, possible hardware level back doors, and collusion of many nodes are all threats to the security of data on the network.

Enigma plans to run their own nodes and looking at the token distribution it seems that Enigma will be able to run the vast majority of the nodes. What implications does Enigma’s relationship with the Israeli Self Defense Forces mean for the likelihood of collusion of nodes within the network?


Hmm. I appreciate your cynicism and your deeper understanding of the technology. I feel that people like you who doubt first and question always are critical partners for idealist MIT kids trying to make a distributed future. I just hope that in whatever black site Oz is being held, there’s pudding. I wonder if Oz knows Kung Fu. #BringOzHome #Pudding


The silence from the team is all the confirmation needed that Enigma was created by Oz Nathan, an agent of the Israeli Defense Forces / Mossad, as a data mining project that will be have backdoors on the hardware level via their strategic partnership with Intel. Access to the SGX enclave via Intel 0 day exploits or backdoors, paired with Enigma running and controlling huge numbers of nodes on the network for collusion, will allow the mining of sensitive data like an NSA wet dream.

You heard it here first folks. Hope you’re happy with your genomes being mined to create ethnic bio-weapons. #whyenigma

On the flip side this spells a bright future for the price of the token. Pump it boyz :money_mouth_face:


“It’s pretty clear that Oz Nathan is a current IDF operative. Most of enigma team was conscripted and worked for IDF for some time. There are probably rules against blowing covers… but here you come spreading it all over the internet” - Gengar2718281828459


Oz hasn’t been involved in the project for several years now. As to the conspiracy theories - I love the imagination, but it’s quite absurd :smile:.

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