Why did you name your project “Enigma”?


Hi, Guy and Can,

I am very curious to know why you chose the name Enigma, specifically out of all possible names. It would be great to hear the story behind the name to better understand what your true mission of sort :slight_smile:


I always assumed it was based on the Enigma cypher machine.


Guy has talked a little about this before on telegram stating:

"Well, I’m also Jewish, and my grandparents, may they Rest In Peace, were holocaust survivors. My grand mother was a renowned Holocaust author (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sara_Zyskind). Given all this, I don’t think anyone can doubt my intentions when choosing the name Enigma, which to me encapsulated very well what we are building.

The ability to compute over encrypted data feels very much like solving puzzles, so the name, regardless of its prior association, was only fitting.


Sara Zyskind

Israeli writer

There are other reasons why I feel like choosing this name was a powerful choice, which actually relates to my own heritage. Maybe I’ll have a longer conversation about that one day"

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Thank you both. I guess we will have to wait for Guy


It just felt fitting to what we’re trying to do. Like an Enigma, computing over encrypted data is mysterious:

  1. You literally can’t see what you’re working on.
  2. It’s counterintuitive that it can even work.

The quote @Brendan provided was a reference to my response as to why I didn’t see a problem with calling our project by the same name as the Enigma Machine. Regardless, our project is definitely not named after it - the inspiration was what I said above.


Thank you, Guy. I appreciate your quick response!