Why do people keep posting articles about data breaches?


From Z:

Why do people keep posting articles about data breaches?
(example: https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/11/202-million-job-seekers-personal-data-exposed/)

Are you implying that all databases should be processed through Enigma’s network, when it’s functional? If so, could Enigma even handle that amount of computations?

I am concerned with the scope of the dream here. But maybe I’m misunderstanding what will be functional on Enigma’s network. My understanding is that sMPC is highly inefficient, such that only computations that explicitly require privacy AND “decentralized” processing would benifit from Enigma’s solution. Am I wrong?

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Database breach is different than computational privacy.

Data can be in 3 forms: data at rest (when stored in a database / device), data in motion (when data is being sent between two places say POS device to credit card processing center) and data in use (when there’s a processing computation).

MPC or Enigma network is used for providing privacy during computation or in other words when data is at use. There are ways to secure data at rest and data in use. Most database breaches happen while data is at rest.

Enigma focuses on use cases where data is being used (computation taking place) in networks such as Ethereum where data is visible to every participant or in enterprise use-cases where data needs to be shared for joint computation. I suggest to check out our solution series for more information - https://blog.enigma.co/solutions/home

For more on states of data you can refer to http://aspg.com/three-states-digital-data/#.XDv9rM9KjOQ


The data is stored encrypted on a secondary layer though correct?


Yes. State is how data is stored and it is encrypted


I’m not sure what you mean by a ‘secondary layer’, but Discovery will have its internal state database - which is simply a shared (encrypted) database. In that sense, we aren’t relying on anything outside of the Enigma network for storage.