Will SputnikVM support other EVM languages besides Solidity?


Hello Enigma team! Thanks for doing the AMA! I just have a simple question.

I know secret contracts have been targeted with support for Solidity, but does that mean there is support for other EVM languages like Vyper and Flint?



SputnikVM is an implementation of EVM, which means that SputnikVM supports any language that compiles to EVM bytecode. Our implementation around SputnikVM indeed targeted for Solidity ABI. We are not considering other EVM languages, but we are considering working with WebAssembly contracts. Some advantages of WebAssembly are:

  • WASM is a compilation target for existing high-level programming languages like C++ or Rust

  • WASM is becoming the virtual machine of choice for blockchains going forward

  • EVM words are 256 bits, and do not map efficiently to 32/64 bit architectures